Local cuisine

Ensenada is distinguished by the new dining concept Baja Med, a result of influences from Mexican, Mediterranean and Oriental cuisine. In the city and its surroundings you can enjoy unique dishes made from local products and traditional of the port such as abalone, scallops, sea urchin and sea cucumber.

Life experiences
in the valley

The Wine Route offers visitors a range of attractions and services ranging from small family wineries to large scale producers; small country restaurants to the finest delis and camping sites, spas, craft centers, community museums, a mission site, wine boutiques, art galleries, indigenous culture and natural sites.

Tourist attractions

There are many iconic places where you can appreciate the culture of the city and tourist attractions as you walk through its streets. In the downtown area near the hotel, you can visit: The museum of the former prison, the Plaza of the Three Cultures, the former hotel "Riviera del Pacífico" (Al Capone's hotel), The State Center of Arts (CEARTE), or the bay that features pedestrian walkways and playgrounds. And on the outskirts you can enjoy the beaches of the area and the Bufadora, located an hour from the city where you can see one of the few marine geysers that exist in the world.

Shopping and entertainment

First Street is quickly located by tourists because it offers a wealth of dining experiences, relaxation, shopping and entertainment. At the beginning of the street you can visit small restaurants and shops with local wine tasting, and later buy at their shops full of folklore and gifts for the family. The end of the road is recognized as the R1 zone where you can enjoy a vibrant nightlife.